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Breaking Boundaries: Can Men Wear Women's Shoes?

Breaking Boundaries: Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes?

Fashion knows no gender. If you want to wear your wife’s shoes, nothing can stop you (provided you have your wife’s permission). If you have been searching for the right color of sneakers and find them in the women’s section, nothing can stop you from buying those shoes! So, can men really wear women’s shoes? 

Men can wear women’s shoes if they want to! It all comes down to your personal fashion choice and comfort. The main difference between the two is shoe size. Additionally, women’s shoes are slimmer, while male shoes are wider. So, “if the shoe fits,” go for it! 

I’ve worn women’s slippers and sneakers on multiple occasions and haven’t faced any discomfort or issues. But that’s because I’ve got a narrow fit, and that might not be the case with you. You might end up injuring yourself if the shoes don’t fit right.

Keep reading to know more in detail about wearing women’s shoes. 

Are Women’s Shoes Comfortable?

The most important aspect of any shoe is comfort. So if you wear women’s shoes as a man, is it comfortable? 

Size Differences

If we look at the structure of men’s and women’s feet, women have shorter and slimmer feet, and men have larger feet. You might find women’s shoes more comfortable if you are a man with narrower feet than an average man! 

There is a standard conversion between women’s and men’s shoes. There is approximately a 1.5 difference in women’s and men’s shoes. So, if you are a man with a shoe size of 7, you will fit a women’s size 8.5

Here is a table so you can easily convert your shoe size! 

Womens Size77.588.599.51010.511
Men Size5.566.577.588.599.5

Weight Difference 

Shoes such as sneakers are made to absorb the impact of their movement. Men have more muscle mass and tend to weigh more. So, men’s shoe soles are designed to absorb more impact. 

On the other hand, women’s shoes have softer soles. This may make you feel mildly uncomfortable when running or training in shoes designed for women. 


It’s no secret that women tend to dress more creatively. When you walk into a shoe store, the women’s section is full of bright colors and fun prints, and the men’s side is a sea of blue, brown, and black. 

So, wearing women’s shoes might be a good option if you are a man with flair, especially if you love glitter or polka dots! 

More Colors

To all men, there are more colors other than black and blue. You can dive into some neon and bright colors. A statement shoe is always in a fun color! 

If you’re wearing a plain black outfit, black or white shoes will make you look basic, but army green or red shoes will elevate your outfit to another level! 

A pop of color is trendy and truly makes an outfit worth remembering! I have paired hot pink shoes with an all-white outfit and received more compliments than I could count. 

More Design Options

Men have such few designs when it comes to shoes. If you want a shoe from the men’s department, it will be slides, sandals, sneakers, or loafers. 

Women’s shoes have so many more design options. Even shoes considered solely for women, such as heels, can be worn by men! 

Fun fact: heels were originally designed for men in the 10th century and later adapted into shoes for women! 

Your shoes and style should reflect your personality, so if you feel a shoe such as high heels best shows who you are, rock those heels! 

Whether it’s heels, sparkly sandals, or simply a sneaker in a fun print, go for it! If you want to wear them, you deserve to! 

Which Shoes Are Cheaper?

Men own fewer shoes compared to women. We can all testify to that by comparing our fathers and mothers’ shoe closets. 

While men own fewer shoes, their shoes are more versatile. They can be used for longer and on more occasions. On the other hand, women need shoes that match their dozens of outfits. So, they need different colors and options. 

Overall, women’s shoes end up being much cheaper than men’s shoes. So, if you buy women’s shoes, you can have more options that are light on your pocket! 

Unisex Shoes

Unisex shoes are becoming more and more popular in the market these days! With gender norms decreasing worldwide, more people are leaning towards unisex shoes. 

Unisex shoes have simpler structural designs and increased flexibility, so both genders can comfortably fit them! 

If you feel more comfortable buying a shoe labeled “unisex,” there are several options in the market. Vans are a large and famous shoe company worldwide that makes unisex shoes! Unisex shoes provide the design options of women’s shoes with the comfort of a man’s shoe! 

Final Thoughts

Nothing is stopping you from buying women’s shoes! If you like the design and the shoes are comfortable and fit you well, you can buy women’s shoes. But, keep in mind that women’s shoes are often narrower, and are better suited for men with narrow feet. Those with wider feet may find the toe-box of the shoes a little too suffocating. 

Lastly, remember to never be scared of society or any sort of judgment when it comes to your clothes. Wear what you want and wear it with confidence. You will always look your best! 


Can Men Wear Women’s Athletic Shoes?

The only shoe I do not recommend for men to wear in women’s sizes is athletic shoes. There are differences in the fits of men’s and women’s athletic shoes due to the anatomy and biomechanics of men and shoes.

It’s better if you wear sports shoes made for your gender and body type! 

What Is the Sizing of Unisex Shoes?

Unisex shoes have men sizing. So if you are a man, unisex shoes will be in your men’s size. If you are a woman, you must size down to find a shoe that fits you. 

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