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Clean Hoka Shoe: Your Comprehensive Guide to Shoe Care

Clean Hoka Shoe: Your Comprehensive Guide to Shoe Care

Are you ready to say goodbye to the dirt and grime on your Hoka shoes and revive them with a friendly makeover? Learn how to clean them with us and elevate your style with Hoka shoes that look almost brand new!

The process for cleaning Hoka shoes is extremely simple. Here are the steps required.  

  1. You’ll need to prepare the shoes by removing the laces and dusting them with a dry cloth or soft brush. 
  2. Then, you’ll need a quality gentle cleanser to remove stains. 
  3. Lastly, just rinse them thoroughly and leave them out for air drying. 

I will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to clean Hoka shoes and share free tips for keeping the Hoka shoes clean. Let’s get into the details!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Hoka Shoes

Hoka shoes are perfect for wearing every day on the go due to their premium build and cushioned soles. However, they gather dust easily, and keeping them clean can be tricky. 

Fortunately, you can turn your old and dirty Hoka shoes into clean ones that look almost as good as brand new by following a few simple steps. Mentioned below is a detailed guide on how to clean your Hoka shoes. 

1. Disassemble the Shoes

When cleaning Hoka shoes, I prefer starting with disassembling the shoes completely. This includes removing the shoes’ soles, liners, and laces to wash them separately. After that, I suggest looking at your shoes for any dirt. 

2. Remove the Dirt

Before using water, get rid of the dust, as the dirt will make things even messier when it mixes with water.

Use a soft brush or a cloth to remove the dirt. 

3. Wash the Laces and Linings 

Laces and linings are the only two parts of shoes that you can wash in a washing machine. I like to put the laces inside a pair of socks and throw them in the washing machine with the other clothes. This prevents the laces from tangling into each other, and they come out clean.

Make sure to use a soft detergent with a good scent and use the cold-setting of your washer. This helps in increasing the shoes’ longevity. 

4. Scrub the Shoes

Next, clean the shoes from each side using a small brush, a rag, or a towel. I suggest using a dry cloth or brush to dust off the dirt from the upper and outsole and then scrubbing them clean.

Then, take laundry detergent and mix it with water, making a soapy mixture. Use a clean towel or brush, dip it into the mixture, and scrub every nook and corner of your Hoka shoes.

The brush should be soft-bristled to avoid causing any damage to the shoe material, especially on the mesh part.

5. Dry and Polish

After cleaning the shoes with water and soap, use a dry cloth to absorb the excess water and cleanser. Gently wipe the shoes, cleaning off any residual dirt. Then leave the shoes to dry naturally. 

Avoid leaving the shoes under direct sunlight as this is extremely harmful to them. I have noticed many people making this simple mistake. The heat and rays dull your shoe’s color and compromise its durability. So, be more cautious and air dry your Hoka shoes to extend their longevity. 

After the shoes are fully dry, apply some polish on a cloth and gently rub it on the shoes. This simple trick will keep your shoes clean a little longer. 

Tips to Apply While Cleaning Hoka Shoes

Here are a few things to be mindful of when cleaning your Hoka shoes to prevent damaging them.

1. Use a Soft Brush for Mesh

The mesh part of the shoes needs extra precautions as it is delicate and can wither easily. So to prevent that from happening, use a soft-bristled brush for the mesh, as mentioned above. 

You want to keep the shoes’ mesh clean and undamaged, as this breathable part provides room for ventilation and keeps bad smells at bay. 

2. Air Dry the Shoes

My expert advice is to dry your shoes in the air naturally. Don’t put the shoes in the dryer after cleaning them. Plus, make sure there is no direct sunlight where you have kept your Hoka shoes dry, as direct heat leads to discoloration, and your shoes will start looking old before time.

3. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

If you want to maintain the quality of your shoes, don’t use harsh chemicals to clean them.

First test your cleaner on a small area to predict the results. If you notice any unwanted effects, change your cleanser and use a gentler one.

4. Spray Weatherproof Solution

This is the final step of cleaning Hoka’s shoes. Applying a protective coat on your shoes completes the process of cleaning the shoes. It’s because spraying or polishing the shoes provides a cleaner appearance in the end. The waterproof solution is a holy grail for those living in rainy areas as it protects the shoes from all sorts of dirt, enhancing their durability and saving you tons of money. 

5. Clean Regularly

From my experience over the years, I have realized that it’s not the material or color that makes a difference. It’s all about how clean you keep your shoes. 

By taking good care of your Hoka shoes and cleaning them regularly, you can maintain the shoes’ durability and keep them in good shape. 

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Wrapping Up 

Hoka shoes are premium quality shoes that are comfortable and durable. You can protect them from losing their color and quality by gently cleaning them regularly. Although this task is extremely easy, you need to be careful and follow the steps correctly to ensure your shoes don’t get damaged in the process.

I’ve made all the steps of cleaning Hoka shoes as simple as possible in this article. I hope this guide on cleaning Hoka shoes is useful for you. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me in the comment section! 


Q1. How to Wash Hoka Shoes?

Firstly, don’t machine wash your Hoka shoes, and avoid using bleach, as the shoes might lose their natural color. Follow these steps to wash your Hoka shoes–

  • Disassemble the shoes 
  • Remove the dirt 
  • Rinse them thoroughly 
  • Wipe off the water using a dry cloth
  • Air dry them and Protect them from direct sunlight

Q2. How to Clean White Hoka Shoes?

The hardest part of having white shoes is keeping them clean. Use warm water, soap, or detergent to make a foamy mixture, and use a sponge or a dry cloth to wipe off the water and dirt. 

Sometimes it might be hard to clean the stubborn stains. But please don’t use a hard brush to scrub the dirt off, as that can cause more damage. Just keep trying to get them off with your soft brush until you get the task done. 

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