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How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes? {3 Effective Ways!}

How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

Do you think your Hey Dude shoes have stretched and don’t fit snuggly like before? Are you confused about how to tighten them? Let’s see how you can tighten Hey Dude shoes and the laces. 

Hey Dude shoes have a no-tie lacing system. Unlike the other standard sports shoes, you don’t need to tie the laces with Hey Dude shoes. This means the Hey Dude shoes snuggly fit your feet even without the twisted lace knots and loops. Moreover, the elastic shoe laces in these shoes offer more options and creative ways to tighten the shoes.

Hey Dude shoes can be confusing to tighten. Keep reading to learn how to tighten Hey Dude shoes using different methods.

Different Ways to Tighten Hey Dude Laces

Here are three ways you can tighten your Hey Dude shoes.

Single Knot Method

The single knot method is one of the most popular and successful methods to tie Hey Dude shoelaces. 

Start with untying the laces knots on each side. Then pull the laces to adjust the tension. Pull the laces till you get your desired fit, and then tie a new knot close to the eyelet to secure lace on both sides. 

After repositioning the knot on the shoelaces, your Hey Dude shoes should feel comfortable on your feet. Try not to tighten it too much, as that can deform the shoe’s original shape and make it uncomfortable to wear daily. 

Looped Laces Facing Forward

If you’re like me and don’t like the toggle laces pointing outwards (sideways) then this simple knot is for you. Wear your Hey Dude shoes and pull the laces till it fits your feet. 

Next, stick each lace separately down through the front lace. Tie a knot on both laces individually. Ultimately, you should see the toggles on the lace facing forward instead of oddly sticking out.

This little shoelace hack should bless you with a tight-fitted shoe around your feet. The looped laces facing forward also give a cool look to your shoes. Make sure to tighten the shoelaces correctly, that is, neither too tight nor too loose. 

Loop Laces on the Sides

This is probably the simplest and my go-to knot on my Hey Dude shoes. 

Start by putting on your Hey Dude shoes and tightening them per your demand. After repositioning the shoes, take laces from both sides and cross one lace over to the other, like when tying a knot. (But you are not tying an actual loop-knot here as done in most shoes). 

The main purpose of looping the laces is to give you shoes that snuggly fit your feet and don’t slip off easily. 

Tips to Tighten Your Hey Dude Shoes

Sometimes, the shoes don’t fit well, even after tying the shoelaces. In that case, the shoelaces are not to be blamed. 

There are a few other things that you must consider when tightening your Hey Dude shoes. 

Wear Socks

Personally, wearing socks with my Hey Dude shoes has significantly helped with the fit. We all know that shoes eventually stretch out after long-term use. So to cope with that and to avoid throwing money on another pair, it’s wiser to wear shoes with a pair of socks. 

Wearing Hey Dude shoes with socks might not give you the best look, but the benefits outweigh the slight aesthetic sacrifice.

Insert Insoles 

Using insoles to match your shoe size is one of the most effective methods when tightening the Hey Dude shoes. Ensure you properly insert the additional insoles in your footwear and tighten the laces. 

I felt that adding an insole to the shoes made them fit better, and the increased cushioning made the shoes more comfortable. It’s cost-effective and ensures that my shoes don’t stretch out easily—an absolute win-win in my book.

Buy the Right Size

If you are into Hey Dude shoes, you must know that the Wally and Wendy style Hey Dude shoes are manufactured using woven cotton. Which means they will eventually stretch out. T

So I decided to follow the advice of experts and sized down from my actual shoe size. I’m a size 9 in most shoes, but I opted for a size eight for my Hey Dudes, which significantly improved the fit. 

It is important to note that you may not have to size down a full size. Based on your preference and foot shape, sizing down by only half a size may help improve the fit. 

Wash in Warm Water

One of the best parts about Hey Dude shoes is that they are machine washable. If your shoes have stretched or you have narrow feet that don’t pair well with the Hey Dude shoes, you can try washing the shoes in warm water. 

The warm water will help shrink the shoes so you can tighten the laces easily for a comfortable fit. Avoid drying your shoes in direct sunlight, affecting the shoe color. 

Final Words

Hey Dude shoes have a unique shoe style with a no-tie lacing system. This new and creative shoe design delivers a comfortable fit to your feet. How you tie the toggled laces in Hey Dude shoes varies greatly from regular sneakers or joggers.

With Hey Dude shoes, you don’t need to learn the complexities of tying a shoelace. You can simply use the different methods to tighten the shoes that we have explained briefly and still look good.

How do you tighten your Hey Dude shoes? We would love to hear from you! 


Where Are Hey Dude Shoes Made?

Hey Dude shoes being lightweight and unique are now the talk of the town. They are officially made in Italy and manufactured in China and Indonesia. Hey Dude shoes are in high demand worldwide and are sold and distributed in the U.S. 

How to Wear Hey Dude Shoes?

Hey Dude shoes have a versatile design. Hence, you can style them however you like. It’s not necessary to wear socks with Hey Dude shoes, but if you feel more comfortable with the socks on, then you can go for it.

How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes?

If the shoes do not contain leather, wool, or suede, washing them in the machine with cold water on a delicate cycle is okay. Remove the additional insoles and laces before tossing them in the washing machine. You can also use spray water and a clean cloth to remove the dirt. 

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